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The best I've had so far, an it goes on anything, it turns Bbq , Steak, Ribs, Chicken ,Fish and Shrimps into high style resturant flavors . Its a must in all kitchens.

Tiki Watts

Gary and the crew at Killian’s Culinary Creations has really out done themselves with this wing sauce. Super easy and very good. Would highly recommend. Can’t wait to try the rub and everything else they have to offer. WELL DONE GUYS

Mark Fung

Hands down best rub I’ve ever bought
I seriously use it in everything I cook from ribs to my scrambled eggs

My husband buys this for me to use.We had our sons graduation party a few weeks ago. I never made pulled pork before and used the rub for seasoning. it was a huge hit!!! Everyone asked where I got it, of course I referred them all here. Great seasoning, great people, two thumbs up!!!

Ben Peterson

Katie Baynum

The rub and bbq sauce are amazing!!!!!! It’s really the only thing I use while grilling and cooking!!!!!!! I always get 4 bottles of each, every time!!!!!!! I just can’t get enough of this deliciousness!!!!!!! Go ahead and get some!!!!!!!

Ryan Leslie

Sauces and rub are wonderful! Will order again. Highly recommend, great and timely service! All around great people to do business with. Thanks again guys!!

Chris Studt

Everything arrived all the way in Japan with no issues
If you like bbq and aren't using the sauce and even the rub, well you should be!

Gave Killian's Rub a run tonight. seasoned up some wings good hour before grilling..grilled over open pit with mesquite wood.trying the seasoning out of palm.taste little sugary,was little I'm not to much for sweet can taste the sweet ,little bit of smokeynes and has a slight bite at the end.and not salty which I like. some rubs are just to much.
all I can say is wow seasoning light on texture, where it enhances the are not just eating the seasoning like some.wings seemed to come out extra juicy. .the flavor of this seasoning dose not have the sugary taste like I thought it would once cooked. it's a very well balanced blend of flavors.i would like little bit more heat( I'm sure Killian can tell me what to add for this ,)
this would be great on chicken,pork and definitely ribs( which I'll do up this weekend)
this is really good stuff, people need jump on this.. keep it up Killian, this is good stuff

Logan Jenkins

William Candiloro

we love the sauces and the rub is awesome we have bought from them several times and its always delicious

Added Taco Seasoning to my chili last night it added a ton of flavor(Had enough heat to taste but not kill the flavor) ....Customer service is the best I've seen in a long time and product is so much better then the store bought stuff thanks again Gary Killian for knocking this out of the park

Michael Roney

Stephen Smith

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